Contested Estates

Brokering peaceful resolutions with respect, calm & creative thinking.

You have just lost a loved one.

Life as you knew it feels irrevocably changed.

You may be struggling to think straight and to make matters worse you have been thrown head first into a family dispute over the will or estate. Who knew life could get so complicated, at the worst possible time?

If you’re worried or confused by what you’re supposed to do next, you’re not alone.

Hi, I’m Zinta Harris, founder of Resolve Estate Law. For over 25 years I have helped hundreds of clients just like you navigate one of the hardest times in their lives. I know it’s never easy, but the pathway you choose to contest a will or estate can lead to less stressful, less expensive, and more amicable outcomes.

I am passionate about brokering peaceful resolutions to family disputes over inheritance so that ‘family wars’ are avoided. We assist clients with disputed estates in Queensland.

Zinta Harris

If you want to do everything you can to find a way to work out your differences peacefully and compassionately, we can help you.

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My very first case was a bitter estate battle that ended in court and I witnessed how family ties can become absolutely destroyed by an inheritance dispute.

Since then I have seen hundreds of cases over the past 25 years where significant damage as been done to families. I’ve seen lawyers become mouthpieces for their clients’ anger and family members becoming “stuck” focussing on past injustices rather than being encouraged even in their grief to begin to look forward to their future.

I’ve had my own personal experiences, including being involved in a legal dispute, that led to many sleepless nights and huge legal costs. I know how these situations can affect us and that I would have given anything to reduce the stress, heartache and uncertainty I was feeling, so I could finally get the freedom to move on with my life. I take this personal insight, plus the experience gained from working with hundreds of clients into how I approach estate dispute resolution.

Our free eBook Peaceful resolutions to estate disputes will provide you with my top 10 tips to keep your family’s estate dispute out of court.

Zinta Harris - Estate Administration Law

Our client’s experience

“What makes Resolve Estate Law different? That’s simple. They actually care.”

N.J, Contested Estate Client, Brisbane

There are many pathways to resolve wills and estates disputes, including through collaboration, mediation and negotiation.

Just as there are many ways to contest an estate, by making a claim for further provision or contesting a will because it was made without proper capacity or under undue influence, there are many pathways to resolution. While we can’t always control how other parties choose to participate, we can ensure that your experience will be as calm and measured as possible. Wherever possible, we will always promote reaching a respectful resolution of family estate or will disputes quickly, because doing that is…

Cost Effective
Less Stressful

A Holistic Approach

Through one of the hardest times in your life, you need holistic professional support.

My team and I go far beyond what you would expect from a law firm, helping you holistically to make the best of your situation.

We can connect you with a professional support team that will help you navigate this difficult time, like having a team of specialist sherpas walking you through your darkest valley and then up the mountain side.

We encourage involvement of counsellors and communications coaches to help facilitate the difficult discussions that have to occur before resolution can be reached. We also recommend assistance from a common financial advisor to help everyone understand the financial impacts the inheritance will have on all parties.

We also take clients through a series of exercises designed to help them consider their values, visualise their “new normal” and make decisions based on those values with a future focus. It is easy to get swept up in the emotions of a contested estate matter. You can lose sight of what is really important to you.

We encourage clients to think about their future, so they are not stuck making decisions from a place of fear and grief.

A holistic approach

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Our client’s experience

“My dear Mum was terminally ill. She knew exactly what was going to happen after she passed away and she had a plan to protect her estate.

Like a lot of people, I was very naïve with regards to estate planning, and its complications if not implemented correctly. Even though someone may have specific wishes, once they have passed, these wishes can be disputed regardless if a Will is in place. We’ve all heard this before, but think it won’t happen to us. Well it did happen to me. I know first-hand how vicious a situation can get once a Will is contested, and yes money certainly does bring out the worst in people. If it wasn’t for engaging Resolve Estate Law, then my life would be very different today.

From my experience, I’ve learned how resilient I can be, a trait I didn’t realise I had prior. I was determined to ensure my Mum’s wishes were fulfilled. What was thrown at us, so to speak, was inconceivable. Had I chosen a different law firm, I am unsure if we would have had the same successful outcome. Zinta Harris’ knowledge, and that of her team, is outstanding. Their empathy, understanding and reassurance is second to none. This made an extremely stressful period of my life, certainly a lot more manageable. Once the estate matters were resolved, the sense of relief was incredible.

It has now been 8 months since the estate was settled. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of my Mum, and desperately wish that she could be still here with us. My family is settled, secure, happy and our outlook for the future is very positive.”

N.J, Contested Estate Client, Brisbane

Your next steps

If you are facing your own estate dispute in Queensland (whether as executor or as someone wishing to make a claim) we would love to help you navigate the situation as calmly and cost effectively as possible, so you can move on with your life.

Call us today. Fill out the contact form below for a 15 minute Clarity Call with Nanci Sergi. In the Clarity Call we will be able to answer your pressing concerns. You will then have a clearer understanding of your next steps. If you wish to engage our firm to assist you, a further appointment can then be arranged.

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