Taking a

Calm & Caring

Taking a

Calm & Caring


Hi, I’m Zinta Harris,

Founder of Resolve Estate Law

My passion is to help those who have lost a loved one manage the legal fallout in a calm and compassionate way. 

Why the calmest way forward matters

25 years ago, my very first case was a bitter estate battle that ended in court.

I saw first-hand how fighting over money completely destroyed a family and left a hard-earned inheritance in tatters after paying huge legal bills. That galled me and it galled my client, and it set me on a path to find a better way to help grieving families deal with the fallout after the loss of a loved one.

Even where there is no dispute over the estate, knowing what to do (or what not to do) next can be overwhelming following the loss a loved one. Having access to calm and caring guidance can put your mind at ease and lift an administration burden at a time when you need it most.

Why the calmest way forward matters

In over two decades, I have helped steer hundreds of complex and bitter estate battles to resolution without going to court.

But in many cases, settlements were reached at a late stage in the process when the damage had already been done, financially and relationally. My frustration with late-stage court required mediations left me feeling as though there must be a better way – since it all seemed too little, too late. Family units were by then beyond repair and negotiations were limited to horse-trading just to stop the costs bleed. An opportunity to reach settlement better suited to individual needs had been lost in a sea of legal letters.

Now, where possible with my contested estate clients, I try to take a collaborative approach.

This means that lawyers, financial advisors and communication coaches work together to help parties resolve their estate dispute to best meet individual needs. This is done by cooperating peacefully and respectfully in order to stay out of court to avoid extra stress and expense. I also train other lawyers to do the same, with the hope that I can teach the “next generation” of contested estates lawyers a more effective and compassionate approach.

For all of my estate clients who are managing grief while trying to manage an estate, I encourage taking a holistic approach to find the pathway forward that works best for each client. For some, that will mean, handing over the burden of the estate administration and seeking guidance from grief counsellors and financial planners to navigate their forever altered “new normal”. For others, being empowered to take on the estate administration is what helps them to move forward.

To learn more you can read my book

Rest in Peace: How to manage an estate dispute without inheriting heartache.
Rest in Peace by Zinta Harris

If you have ever been blindsided by an unexpected event – you will know what it feels like to have your life as you know it, utterly shattered.

When I travelled to Japan a few years ago I learned about the ancient Japanese art form called “Kintsugi” which repairs broken pieces at the seams with gold.

This art form celebrates the unique story of each piece by emphasizing its fractures and breaks instead of hiding or disguising them. It makes the repaired piece even more beautiful than the original.

What a beautiful analogy this is for our life whenever we feel shattered – it speaks of how we can choose to salvage what is precious, how we can see beauty in the broken and imperfect, how we can own our scars and still function, how we can fill the spaces where broken pieces have gone missing or learn to live on despite our missing pieces. And perhaps most importantly that the process will take significant time.

You will see the use of Kintsugi elements on this website as an acknowledgement of the resilience of each of my clients.


Resolve Estate Law is a boutique Law firm based in Brisbane.

We help clients with Queensland estate administrations and contested estates.

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Meet the Team



Zinta Harris is a Brisbane-based Accredited Succession Law & Business Law Specialist, Collaborative Lawyer, Mediator and Owner of Resolve Estate Law.

Zinta Harris is the owner of a boutique specialist estates law firm, Resolve Estate Law. Zinta is passionate about brokering peaceful resolutions to family disputes over inheritance so that ‘family wars’ are avoided.

After over 25 years practising as a wills and estates lawyer, Zinta has seen firsthand the impact of estate battles on hundreds of families. She now specialises in helping grieving families stay out of Court and work together to reach an early resolution to their estate dispute.

Zinta is passionate about helping those who have lost a loved one to navigate the estate administration process in a calm, caring and efficient way. She has developed fixed-fee probate and letters of administration packages to help clients manage simple matters easily. Zinta also holds a specialist business accreditation which means she is qualified to resolve even the most complex administrations.

Zinta’s practice focus is resolving contested estate disputes, Collaborative Practice and Mediation whilst overseeing the firms Estate Administration practice.

Zinta Harris is the author of the book “Rest in Peace – how to manage an estate dispute without inheriting heartache.” She also writes the popular blog “Catching the Curveball” which provides regular commentary on issues relating to grief, loss, estates law, family, parenting, love and life. Zinta regularly speaks at law conferences and events and is interviewed on podcasts.

Zinta Harris - Lawyer
Zinta's family

If you want to learn more about Zinta and her life outside the law – click here to read her blog “Catching the Curveball”.


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Zinta’s accreditations

Succession Law Accredited Specialist
Resolution Institute Professional
Business Law Accredited Specialist
Concettina Verma - Solicitor

Concettina VERMA

Senior Associate

Concettina Verma is a Brisbane-based solicitor with a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Business (Honours) from Queensland University of Technology and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice.

Concettina has been part of the Resolve Estate Law family for over 13 years. What started as an internship while she was still completing her law degree all the way back in 2011 grew into her being offered a formal position in 2013 when she graduated and was admitted to practice as a Solicitor two years later.

In January 2021 Concettina became a Senior Associate of our firm and we can’t imagine life without her as part of the team.

Concettina handles the Probate, Intestacy and Estate Administration practice in our firm as well as assisting Zinta with contested estates matters. She is also highly experienced in applications to court for approval of informal wills and was instrumental in an infamous Statutory Wills application that saw the Resolve Estate Law team opening the Supreme Court of Queensland at midnight!

Concettina is equally passionate about helping families resolve disputes and manage complex administrations as peacefully, calmly and respectfully as possible.

Outside of the law Concettina runs a Cafe business with her family (https://www.amanocafe.com.au/) which takes up most of her spare time! 

Stephanie DUGGAN

Senior Associate

Stephanie Duggan is a Brisbane-based solicitor with a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Queensland.

Stephanie has practised in wills, estates, trusts and guardianship and administration for over 25 years. She is highly experienced in estate litigation and takes pride in helping clients resolve matters. Stephanie practices with care and empathy. Her legal knowledge and experience enables Stephanie to effectively advise and assist clients in a broad range of matters including family provision claims, testamentary capacity, issues relating to wills, estates and trusts, as well as administration of financial matters for persons with a legal disability.

Stephanie is a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners and the Queensland Law Society.

Outside of the law, Stephanie enjoys time with family, sailing and volunteering. 

Nanci Sergi
Nanci Sergi


Senior Paralegal

Nanci Sergi is a Brisbane-based paralegal studying a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Behavioural Science at the Queensland University of Technology and has completed a Certificate IV in Justice Studies.

Nanci has been part of the Resolve Estate Law family for over eight years, which started as work experience while she was in high school all the way back in 2015.

Nanci’s experience is extensive and she is instrumental in the day-to-day operations of our firm. Nanci is highly experienced in applications for grants of Probate and Letters of Administration and Estate Administration services. In short, nothing would get done in our office without Nanci.

Outside of Resolve Estate Law, Nanci enjoys her studies and volunteers at a community legal centre in Brisbane.


Team Assistant & Paralegal

Victoria Hazidavis is a Brisbane-based student studying a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Business Management (Human Resources) at the University of Queensland.

Victoria has been part of the Resolve Estate Law team for almost two years.

Victoria is instrumental in the day-to-day operations of our firm and is often the first point of call when you ring into our office.

Outside of Resolve Estate Law, Victoria enjoys her studies and travelling.

Nanci Sergi

My friends don’t believe a Solicitor could have such a kind heart, thanks for proving them wrong...

Thank you so very much for everything you have done for me over a relatively short time. You must have worked with a wonderful, caring attitude and great commitment. Your beautiful personality and dedication to your career were always evident and I sincerely offer my thanks for your hard work and your kindness to me during a stressful time.”

— A.L, Brisbane

Had I chosen a different law firm, I am unsure if we would have had the same successful outcome.

Zinta Harris’ knowledge, and that of her team, is outstanding. Their empathy, understanding and reassurance is second to none. This made an extremely stressful period of my life, certainly a lot more manageable. Once the estate matters were resolved, the sense of relief was incredible.”

— N.J, Contested Estate Client, Brisbane

Zinta and her team are the ultimate professionals who shared my pain, expertly, calmly and gently guiding me through an otherwise complicated and unkind process.

I have not needed to ever engage a lawyer, so I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I had not lost someone close to me before. I was heart broken and limping along in all facets of my life. Zinta helped me navigate several complex legal issues, including avoiding probate, which several other professionals said simply couldn’t be done.”

— T. C, Estate Administration Client, Brisbane

Zinta, Concettina and Nanci have kept me sane, helped me stay focused, allowed me to feel comfortable enough to be myself, laugh and be part of their small family.

As raw as the timing was I felt comfortable, at ease and confident discussing every detail of my and my husband’s lives together, business, personal and previous marriages. There were no false promises, she gave me the worst case scenario and then built on what we could achieve.”

— S. B, Brisbane Contested Estate Client

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